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Biggest Solar Power Plant Planned in Rann of Kutch Gujarat

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 August 200945 Comments

Solar Panel in Gujarat Biggest solar power plant in Gujarat, is very ambitious dream for each Guajarati. I just read this news in local news paper and caught an opportunity to share with my readers.

Gujarat government has planned to develop solar farm in Rann of Kutch and allocate 1,500 hectares of land in the desert and a small stretch in Santalpur in Banaskantha district near Gujarat-Pakistan border. The infrastructure for this ambitious “Solar park” project will be developed by GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation.

Here is the courtesy from “Times of India”:

However, the shadow that could fall on Gujarat’s solar ambitions is that tapping energy from the Sun has so far proved technically complicated and economically unviable. Also, the scale of just one of the projects – the Clinton Foundation proposal to generate about 5,000 megawatt of power- is way larger than India’s biggest power project of 3,260MW in Vindyachal. The biggest solar power plant planned so far is a 160MW project in Portugal.

Number of companies has queued up for setting up plants due to attractive incentives offered in new Solar Power Policies. The Runn of Kutch is best place for Solar Power Generation as well as component manufacturing, “said a senior official in the chief minister’s office.

Find more details here: Solar mirrors to line border in Rann of Kutch

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  • Ventego said:

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  • Clemento said:

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  • patriot said:

    Why does indian govt plan such inefficient and huge effort to generate solar power, this will to only consume indian money but also the land resources.What happens next when the demand for power goes even higher, where will they put the solar battery if no land is available. Why cannot isro provide a smarter solution (like beaming solar energy down to earth from a cluster or satellites). I think the current plan is inefficient and temporary. ISRO scientists should help solve the problem of bringing solar power to earth in an efficient manner. Current plan is not going to work for long.

  • home solar power generation said:

    home solar power generation…

    An interesting post by a bloger made me ……

  • Detox John said:

    Solar Power is so cool. it is clean and renewable energy. when the cost of solar panels goes down, i think every home should be owning a mini solar power station.

  • acnerdy said:

    the cost of Solar Cells for Solar Energy utilization has been decreasing over the past years. pretty soon, solar energy would be a more viable alternative than fossil fuels,-

  • vignesh.A said:

    Solar plants should be installed in each house in our country.
    government should make advertisements on subsidy of giving 55% sum on installations of solar power plants in homes. Let us give our future generation a clean life.

  • admin said:

    i am totally agree with your comment as such India having better opportunities for solar power plant as compare to other countries as India having clean climate through out the year. To generate green revolution, we all have to take initiative. keep working

  • patel kishan said:

    we have think about this project in 2005 so good an intelligent project . can i get the view of the project???????????????

  • admin said:

    This is really impressive as you have think about such project in past. As it is very costly to establish such project, most of us can not take immediate action. Due to wonderful climate and open land in kutchh, there is very good potential for generating solar energy in gujarat and various places in India.

    I do not have more details about this project but you can review this article for more information :

    all the best

  • Shreyansh Bhatt said:

    hey hats off to the gujrat government to develop such an ambitious energy is vastly available on earth and one can make the full use of it.i know the complexity of such a project but hey nothing is impossible in this world.lets all pray this dream becomes reality.jay jay garvi gujrat.

  • admin said:

    hey shreyansh,
    i am completely agree with you, but as you know that the government is doing great but few of the politician who always do oppose and i am sure narendra modiji will get success in this project. Hope for the best as “if there is a will there is a way”

  • fallu said:

    it is good but is will not work in india because as u know that indians do not have money & they need cheaper things.

  • RISHI KABRA said:


  • admin said:

    Hi rishi,
    I am publishing general news that i found useful for the people around internet. I will try to get the information from online resources and will send to you. I really appreciate your interest in renewable energy resource. Our country is blessed with maximum sunlight availability and we must take an initiative to generate energy from such natural resources. feel free to contact me incase if you need any help or resources.

  • sandeep sangwan said:

    solar power is clean and important source of energy. Indain goverment must help the private developers to develope solar power in india.

  • Harold Brewster said:

    Solar Energy is one of the best ways to get clean energy . Today the efficieny of solar power is a bit low but with advances in technology, solar cells will become more and more efficient in harnessing the energy of the sun.

  • Evelyn Ahmed said:

    Solar Energy is one of the best sources of clean and green electricity. I think that we should build more efficient solar thermal power plants and solar cells. frequently. ‘

  • srinivasan said:

    yes aim interstate investment for solar power please sent some detail

  • vivek Rajgor said:

    very very good.

  • admin said:

    Thank you vivek,
    We have to work hard to become independent in energy sector. government is doing well but general public should also take initiative for the same.

  • Patel said:

    I would like to get all information which can help me to invest in solar farm. If you have any kind of updates, please provide me. It would be very helpful if you have exact address of these sites. Thank you

  • Vipul Kamdar said:

    I think this solar project very very useful to us. So i think we use it individual at our home. In tarace or wall we can put solar cell and catch energy from sun and use it for all day. And at night use optional power from govt.

  • kavita bhojwani said:


    i m interested in setting up a solar plant in kutch as i own 26 acres of land there .pls guide me about the details about the project and its legalities.

  • Khushboo said:

    I am a electrical engg., I want to set up a solar power plant in jodhpur(rajasthan). pls guide me abt it. like investment, govt policies, return, profit n etc.

  • Jignesh said:

    Dear Khushboo,
    I really appreciate your initiative to setup solar power plant in Jodhpur but as of now, i do not have more information on project establishment. I may search on local authorities or NGO who are working on solar energies and will definitely get back to you along with contact details.

    meanwhile, what i recommend is..find local government agencies working in renewable energy project same as GEDA (this is working actively in GUJARAT), you can fine such agencies in rajasthan, i am sure they can guide you in setting up such project.

    all the best,

  • Prashant said:

    Hi Mate,
    I have read your last comment I am visiting my village in Kutch this December And vary much interested in opening solar plant. You have mentioned about GEDA in your post. I could not found much information about it online. If you can provide me any contact info for them it would be great. I have enough land near Bhuj destruct to start Solar plant but lacking legal guideline and support that government offers for starting project like these. Thanks for your blog. And waiting for your reply.


  • MEHUL SHAH said:

    i want to know about solar dom system in which the water warm up to 200c in few minute if you have any kind information pl. update me
    as last month i visited China and show that they have very good domestic solar products… how will GEDA help up to reserch in solar projects

  • Lan Tester · said:

    even with the price drop, solar cells are still quite expensive if you want to get more than 500 Watts .

  • satish vadher said:

    Dear Respected sir,

    Solar Power & Farming Project land in Gujarat.India (Dist. Surendranagar) 66kv Power Station Near Land available 200 Acers, 300 Acers, 400 Acers, 500 Acers, 600 Acers, 700 Acers & more…Land Available. Please Call me immediately.
    Thanks you,
    Yours faithfully.

    Satish Vadher

  • Manish Bhatiya said:

    I want to install 10MW solar power plant in gujarat state, so plz give detail information.

  • Manish Bhatiya said:

    Dear sir,
    I am a Electrical engineer and presently worling with Hydro power plant in gujarat state, but i want to install solar power plant in gujarat state but i have no any information please give me information

  • Jignesh said:

    Dear all,

    i did my best to get information on installing solar power plant. I tried to call GEDA authorities and also sent few emails and asked for this information but sorry to say..they are not giving any useful information.

    Now i will write one article on that matter and will share on internet…hope it will help us to get require information.

  • Amol Nakhale said:

    Dear All,
    I am in thought of developingthe Soplar Powe generation plant.
    But I am at initial stage. just few days back I came to know maharashtra Govt is pramoting for this project. I am Intrested to develop such plant. Need information & guidence from you people.. if any body have the details pls provide.
    1. Achitech of solar Power generation
    2. Guide line for such project
    3. Project Report
    4. any consultant who will asseing to implement the plant.


  • snehal vayeda said:

    Dear all,

    any one will contact me for land availability in is available from 50 acre to 1500 acre near substation for prices go high day by day in please contact me for immediate land acquisition is available for thermal project also.
    mail me on

    snehal vayeda,
    +91 9714713120

  • Chirag said:

    I am a electrical engg., I want to set up a solar power plant in Kutch(Gujarat). pls guide me abt it.I have 10 year Experience in power Generation field.

  • Dharma Raksha said:

    Awesome dear . . .but why our politicians are have not that much interest to make these plants. . .is there any disadvantage

  • keyur sheth said:

    i want to detail of your company and ur contact number

  • Pankaj dharaviya said:

    I’ m a student of e.e.e. (3rd sem.) In growmore engineering college.

    Please , give me information about solar project & say me where it is available…

    My query is: -
    (1) how many type of solar panels are available in market?
    (2)how much output can be retrive from one solar panel?
    (3) where solar panel is available in gujarat?
    (4)which fector is responcibal for electric energy stor in panel?

    Plase, send me answer on my email id:-
    “” or my contac num.

  • Anand said:

    Where are solar projec

  • Biju John said:

    Please , give me information about solar projects.

    My query is: -
    (1) how many type of solar panels are available in market?
    (2)how much output can be retrive from one solar panel?
    (3) where solar panel is available in gujarat?
    (4)which fector is responcibal for electric energy stor in panel?

    myE-mailId is

  • vimal said:

    how can i buy a solar panel for home at a low cost?

  • Patel said:

    I m from Surat, Gujarat
    I want setup 2 me PC solar plant
    will u guide me how much land required, how much cost of plant, what subsidies are available?

    I want do on business purpose.
    send me details
    thank u.

  • Patel said:

    Im from Surat, Gujarat
    I want setup 2 mw pv solar plant in Gujarat kutch. it is my native
    will u guide me how much land required,
    how much cost of plant, what subsidies are
    I want do on business purpose.
    send me details
    thank u.

  • v ranjith kumar said:

    recently i attended interview in jothi prasanna project solar plant their sir asked me a question i.e what is delocalisation of radiation idon’t know the answer can u give me the answer to email

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